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Pre-requisites for Trainees
Those who apply to train as Understanding your Eating Licensed Practitioners must have

All of the following:

A completed training in counselling at diploma level or other relevant training

Membership of BACP or UKPC or other relevant body

Experience of working as a counsellor/psychotherapist/psychologist

Experience of working in and with groups (for those who intend to run groups)


All of the following:

A training as a health or social care professional

Experience in working in and with groups (for those who intend to run groups)

Expertise in working with people with eating disorders or who are obese

Understanding of the psychological factors involved in disordered eating
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Aim of Training

To offer a training which will enable Licensed Practitioners to be competent and confident in delivering the Understanding Your Eating Programme.
Whilst the training has been designed with this in mind, we do recognise that some people will just want to attend to increase their understanding of the subject and will not necessarily be interested in joining the Programme as a Licensed Practitioner.


To become aware of the research base from which the programme has been developed

To develop familiarity with the conceptual framework underpinning the course, especially attachment theory and its development

To enable trainees to experience the programme as if they were participants and in the process to become more able to understand their own eating behaviour

To discuss factors relating to delivery of the programme

Putting the training into practice

In private practice

As a Licensed Practitioner you will be responsible for the setting up and running of your own groups. This will include any local marketing and promotion of the Programme, finding an appropriate venue and most importantly, recruitment of group members.

You will need to be confident that you can manage all aspects of this. Support will be available from UYE.

You may also wish to deliver the Programme to individuals.

In a voluntary sector or not for profit agency or in the NHS:

The agency will be required to purchase a licence to deliver the programme. It will manage its own marketing and recruitment.