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Burrswood has developed a range of formats that incorporate the 'Understanding Your Eating' programme. These include opportunities to access the service as a Hospital inpatient, a resident in our Guest House or as a weekly visitor for Outpatient services. Further information on each of these pathways is available by searching for Understanding Your Eating on our website.
01892 865988

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Julia R Lofts

I am a counsellor & psychotherapist in private practice and have a particular interest in working with individuals affected by disordered eating. I also currently work with people in preparation to weight-loss surgery through the NHS Weight Management service, The Bariatric Consultancy (Tier 3). I’m a Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I aim to help people to have a more peaceful relationship with food and understand their patterns of eating.
I am specifically trained to help you make sense of and understand your eating, and will encourage you to think about the role eating could be playing in regulating emotions and managing your feelings. I’ll support you as you endeavor to improve your self-esteem and body-esteem, and will work with you to develop better ways of coping. I will be available to provide on-going support as you evaluate the psychological and emotional impact of weight-related issues on your physical and mental health, along with the effects on your relationships and social life.
I offer one to one sessions and group work at my clinics in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and Wadhurst, East Sussex.

Dates and times can be arranged by visiting my website or contacting me directly.
07787 180 256