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Wherever you are

Wherever you are you can access the Programme to suit your individual circumstances. Whether you are in the north of Scotland, Northern Ireland, west of Wales or the Scilly isles. We have practitioners based around the country. Take a look at our list of Licensed Practitioners

You can also access the Programme online. In the UK online courses are available from our online specialist Lynsey at Lynsey has run and researched groups for UYE, she currently offers both one to one and small group courses online (for more information contact her directly)
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Clients have also signed up for UYE online from Australia, Crete, France, Denmark, Morocco, and Mexico. It’s easy - We use Skype so all you will need is a computer/tablet or mobile phone that has a broadband connection, a webcam, speakers and microphone.
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One-To-One Courses, Online or In Person

Are you nervous about joining a group? Would you rather talk to somebody one-to-one?

If you would like to do this face-to-face, find your local Licensed Practitioner. Fees will be negotiated between you and the Therapist, but usually range from between £35 and £55 per session. Professor Buckroyd is available for a one off one-to-one discussion online. To arrange a one off online consultation which will cost £80, please contact
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