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The Programme

The Understanding Your Eating Programme does not tell you what to eat or how much. We think you know that already. Instead it helps you to explore whether you are eating to deal with your feelings. Are you using food to manage your life? If you are, it teaches you a different way of getting through the day.

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The Programme has two parts. The first part is an introduction to the Programme and consists of five seminars usually conducted weekly and lasting one and a half hours. The seminars have the following titles:

Seminar 1 – Eating is not just about hunger
Seminar 2 – Eating to manage feelings
Seminar 3 – Self esteem and how it helps you look after yourself better
Seminar 4 – Improving body esteem
Seminar 5 – Using people instead of food to get you through your day
The second part of the Programme consists of nine free-standing modules of four weeks, eah usually weekly, seminar lasting one and a half hours. These Modules deal in greater depth with the material covered in the introductory seminars and have the following titles:

Module 1 – Emotional eating
Module 2 – Feelings
Module 3 - Motivation and Empowerment for Change
Module 4 – Food monitoring and choice
Module 5 – Activity
Module 6 – Self Nurture
Module 7 – Relationships
Module 8 – Self Esteem
Module 9 – Body Esteem
The Programme is conducted in groups or can be delivered to individual. There is an accompanying workbook for participants.
There is an ongoing programme of training so that Licensed Practitioners are available to deliver the Programme in a range of different locations. Training can also be delivered in-house.
For further information please contact: Professor Julia Buckroyd, 07751 884748
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